Jane Austen's Reflection On Her Carachters

Títol: Jane Austen's Reflection On Her Carachters
Autor: Marta Oliva Riera
Premi: 1r premi ex aeq
The objective of my project was to learn about Jane Austen’s life and context and analyze two of her novels. My work is focused on finding connections between the author and the novels I read, which are Pride and Prejudice and Emma. I divided the project in three parts: a research about Jane and some important topics in her era, such as marriage and education; and the analysis of each novel, focusing in the female characters, which are the most relevant ones. In my conclusions, I explain the main topics of connection between both novels and her life. These connections are: the important role of sisters; the families; her opinion on marriage, money and society; the role of women and the endings of the novels in contrast to her life’s end. I learnt that her novels are not simply a picture of the 19th century’s society, they are used to express an implicit criticism to that society.