The power of attitude

Títol: The power of attitude
Autor: Mercedes Canela Fornesa
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With this research project I want to find out which percentage does attitude influence cancer treatment. Not only that, but also which aspects change and how can the patient’s attitude be improved. Are there any methods to make a cancer patient happy, are there things that relatives can do to cheer them up, doctors…? Looking at the biological aspect of cancer, are there any ways to increase any hormone in the body that alter the attitude of the patient, or is there any therapy that helps them cope with their situation. Let’s exaggerate it a bit, I want to find out if there really is any chance that someone who has a tumour, can be saved because of their positiveness. 

I had to think about the psychological side of the task, since the way a patient felt was subjective and could not prove anything, but just corroborate. My most important part was the biological one, where everything could be trustworthy. I took surveys on both cancer patients and those who were cured, then, I divided those people into five groups according to their answers. An example could be the people who believed in God. These had hope, which meant that they were happy, making the body release more serotonin, the happiness hormone. The people who did not release that hormone, were linked to depression, which incited tumour growth.

Attitude is something that cannot be measured because it is different in every person. There is no objective way to decide that being happy is a good attitude. Because really, that is not a good attitude towards cancer, since it is a naive reaction.As you will see in the project, the positive attitude produces an internal reaction that helps the body overcome any kind of ups and downs.