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La petjada que la música africana ha deixat en la contemporània.

Autor: Anouk Castaño Duran
Centre: INST. VIC
Premi: Premi ex-aequo
Music has evolved greatly during the last centuries, especially in developed countries,
since we went from Baroque, Classical and Romantic music to ragtime, gospel, jazz,
and blues. Nowadays music has been standardized and consequently, we can listen to
trap, reggaeton, rock, electro, and pop worldwide in many different languages.
Gospel, jazz and blues among others, were brought to Europe from America along the
nineteenth century, so this is the reason why I talk in my project about how they were
originated, the history of the big country, traditional African music, slavery and finally
about the music that was born during this period of time and how it has been
spreading throughout and evolving since its creation. The main objective of this work
is to raise awareness about the influence of African music on postmodern music.
I have specially composed a song in order to be able to identify more easily the
characteristics of traditional African music which are included in the concept that
people of nowadays have of music, specifical people of my decade.
As a result of the practical part of the project, I have been able to observe that just by
adding or removing most of the rhythmic structures and instruments, which come
from African music, we get two very different songs. Moreover, with the information
gained at the part of the work in which I talk about the musical genres, we can see that
all of the music styles that we listen to now such as reggaeton, trap, or rock wouldn’t
exist or at least not as we now know them.
* El treball conté un link que redirigirà als lectors a un arxiu drive on hi trobaran la cançó composada per la part pràctica.