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Virginia Woolf’s feminist spirit and whether it can be seen through her use of gendered language in her novel Mrs Dalloway

Autor: Joana Arimany Malik
Mrs Dalloway, written by Virginia Woolf and published in 1925, is a novel that depicts a single day in
London in June 1923. The First World War is over, but the haunting memories of its unprecedented
devastation still lingers over England. In Mrs Dalloway what matters the most are the characters'
emotions, sensations and recollections during that day; in doing so, Woolf uses the technique of stream
of consciousness and allows the readers to immerse themselves in the characters' points of view. Woolf
has been long recognized as one of the most influential and pioneering emblems of the feminist
movement. Can her feminist spirit, nonetheless, be captured in her works? Through an analysis of the
gendered language employed by Virginia Woolf in the novel Mrs Dalloway, from martial status and the
concept of androgyny to social status and motherhood, this extended essay seeks to grasp Virginia
Woolf’s feminist spirit.